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The Grand Canyon

There has been plenty written about the Grand Canyon by much more eloquent writers than I to do it more than enough justice, so I won’t even attempt to add my own paltry insights, except to say that if you haven’t seen it yet, you should definitely make the effort.

We spent two solid days driving and walking around the south rim of the canyon, and probably would have spent more if it hadn’t been so bloody cold and windy. You might think that we don’t look too bundled up in the photos and infer that I am exaggerating about the cold, but the reality is we thought we were headed to the sunny hot desert of Arizona, and thus packed a little light in the down jacket and thermal underwear department- luckily, the amazing views had the same warming effect as a dram of whiskey, and we persevered to see a majority of the viewpoints- but sadly, just like whiskey, the effect wore off all too soon, and before we knew it, we were back on the road, headed south to Scottsdale for our big rendezvous with the Drays.


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Antelope Canyon

The next geological wonder we encountered on our roadtrip is fairly unknown to most, but widely recognized- you’ve probably seen photos of it gracing the pages of National Geographic or any number of tourist brochures or travel guides… the extraordinarily beautiful Antelope Canyon.  It’s a curvatious slot canyon, painted in layers by every shade of color on the warm end of the spectrum, barely a few feet wide in some spots, but over 120 feet deep, formed from eons of erosion through the soft Navajo sandstone.

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  1. Amy Anderson says:

    Happy Explorers!

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On the Road

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.”

― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Hadley had just matured to the ripe old age of six months, and we realized it was high time we introduced him to one of our absolute favorite experiences in life… a roadtrip.  There are a kaleidoscope of reasons why we love a good road trip, but I think JK’s quote above sums things up pretty succinctly.

Planning the route, as always, is half the fun of a roadtrip, and after a bit of deliberation, some motions to extend the timeline, and others to expand the scope, the trip planning committee settled on a comprehensive, yet not circuitous, tour of the southwest via an anticlockwise course through Western Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico- spreading our time between experiencing nature’s natural beauty at Arches NP, the Grand Canyon, and the Petrified Forest among other places, and catching up on our R&R at poolside cabanas and quaint B&Bs.

Our first destination was Moab- a beguiling place if there ever was one. We arrived late, with a screaming backseat travel companion, and totally taken by surprise at the lack of available camping spots, decided to can our maxim of never paying to pitch our tent (or at least never paying too much), and set up camp in a cookie-cutter sight, between two mini-vans, at the first RV park that had any vacancy.  We paid an embarrassing amount for nine square feet of pea gravel, but when a third of your crew is about to mutiny, you do what you must, principles be damned.

Not wanting to repeat the humiliating exercise another night, we got out of their early the next morning, and snagged one of the many BLM campsites north of town along the river, that had been vacated by some traveler headed home due to it being the end of the weekend.  With our fee paid, and a few nonessential camping items left to stake our claim, we headed off to see if Arches National Park had anything to captivate the attention of a six month old.

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