Mini Train

In our previous lives as a traveling couple, we would rarely have paid to ride the little tourist train that departed from Collioure’s town center every hour.  But now, as a traveling quartet, with one member of our merry band being particularly spontaneous (and insistent) whenever we chance upon anything resembling an amusement ride, be that a carousel, a playground, or in this case a mini train, we inevitably find ourselves on said ride- our original plans for the day be damned. 


Collioure’s little train was actually well worth the 20 euro it put us back, heading out of town up a steep winding path through terraced vineyards, till we reached the summit of a good sized hill that held a commanding view of the city and bay, where they stopped to let us out for a few quick photos, then down the other side to the sister village of Port Vendres and back along the coast to home.  We capped off the day with some funny curlicue pasta for dinner and then a walk out to the old lighthouse at the end of the breakwater protecting the harbor.