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Lobster Spaghetti

After we successfully made our way up the hill from the winery, and stopped for a little afternoon libation, we decided to continue walking, all the way through town, down a steep series of cobbled, donkey choked switchbacks, to the small cliff ringed harbor that lies at the extreme end of one of the terminal points that makes the crescent shaped island, and finally to a small but popular restaurant situated therein.  This spot was famous for two things: the widely acclaimed fact that this was the prime viewing spot to see the best sunset in the entire world, and the lobster spaghetti.  We eagerly indulged in both.


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Earned Relaxation

Santorini definitely lends itself to relaxing.  Be it sitting by the pool all day, drinking cold Alpha beers, and watching the sunset, which we did the day before and thoroughly enjoyed, or sitting at a café all day, sipping cold Alpha beers, and people watching, which I hoped was on our schedule for this day.  Either way, relaxing with a cold beer seemed to me the best plan for all our days on the island.  And up until then my plan was working beautifully… but then, Kacey got it into her head that we should go for a run, and earn some of this relaxing that I was so content to indulge in.  I tried to argue that we had already worked pretty hard to get here, first, at our jobs for months just to pay for the trip, and second, three weeks of logistical hustle and bustle running around Europe to finally end up on this tiny island.  But my case was thrown out for lack of evidence, or maybe I should say too much evidence, in the form of a well-placed poke by Kacey to my slightly pudgier-than-pre-trip midsection.


And so it was that we went for a hot, but scenic run up the hiking trail that rings the caldera.  But it didn’t stop there.  After our run, it was decided that we should all take a trip to the local winery- which happily fell into the relaxing category- but supposedly by accident, though I suspect by design, the guy who drove us there (the owner of the villa) didn’t return to pick us up, and we were therefore left to hoof it back up the long hill ourselves.  In reality, I do enjoy exercise, and I also like going on long walks, especially when we are traveling (lots of photo opportunities), but sometimes it just feels good to relax, am I right?  Lucky for me, we found a café at the top of the hill, and I finally got that well-earned Alpha beer and a few minutes to put my feet up and relax.

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Pool with a view

Kacey and I have a deal.  The deal is, if and when we are ever staying at a hotel with a pool, we will, no matter how ridiculous or inconvenient it is, take at least a perfunctory dip in the water- whether we have time or not, whether we have suits or not, whether the water is warm or not, and to be frank, whether the pool is officially open or not.  Basically, both growing up without our own pools in our backyards, we think it is a damn travesty to miss any and all opportunities to take a dip.


Our villa in Oia, as it turns out, came with its own, private, ten meter pool.  It was irresistibly inviting, if not a little chilly, and had a killer view to boot.  We swam in the morning.  We swam in the afternoon.  And we swam under the stars.  In short, we took full advantage of the pool, and did good credit to our “pool deal”.

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  1. Amy Anderson says:

    Fabulous pictures, once again!

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