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Hot McDonald’s Breakfast

Skipping ahead a few weeks, we find Hadley on his first Christmas Tree hunt…

Traditionally, the house would be roused to the sound of the first person to wake yelling the call of the lumberjack: “Hot McDonald’s Breakfast!”, followed up shortly by the rest of the crew, and culminating in a crescendo of Egg McMuffins and hash browns at the closest Micky-D’s, on the way up to the mountains.  This year however, we forwent the greasy calorie bombs at McDonald’s, and instead opted for some delicious homemade breakfast burritos care of Rob and Kristin.  Thanks guys!  A few hours later we had five bushy trees chopped down and tied to the roof racks.  The hunt was a success.

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HHR at Home- Part II

… and, more to follow… This is his 2nd bath. His first full moon.  His first birthday party (Grampa Z’s).  His first burger shop.  And his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd outing in the stroller.

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  1. Shea says:

    DAVE has a baby!! Congrats!! This was a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Congrats! He looks perfect and just adorable–and Kacie looks beautiful! Much love sent to you and your adorable family


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Hadley at Home

Well, Hadley turns two months old today.  And what a crazy two months it has been.  Between discovering what it means to be parents with a new born, while working, and the holidays, and grad school applications, and the Chernobyl-esk kitchen/bathroom remodel we are half way through, and… well, the last two months kind of flew right by!  But that certainly didn’t stop us from taking a few photos along the way…

This first set is actually just from his first couple of days at home: meeting many of his family and friends for the first time, his first bath, his first book, and of course, his first Bronco’s game. More to follow…

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