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Have Passport, Will Travel

Hadley wasted no time getting the first stamp in his passport… at a few days over three months old, we found ourselves elbowing our way through the crowded Denver airport, Val and Steve leading the way, with our complement of excessive baby luggage in tow.  The airline’s computer system didn’t seem to like that we were bringing a lapchild on the plane using tickets purchased with points, and so were held up for almost an hour while they tried to figure it out, but after the manager saw how cute Hadley was, he put in an override, and we were happily on our way to the gate- next stop: Mexico!

The afternoon sun was hot on our pale white skin when we walked down the boarding stairs to the tarmac in Cancun.  It was a bit of a circus in the airport, and getting through customs took a bit longer than it had to, but Hadley didn’t seem to mind, and just took it all in behind his baby Ray-Bans.  We hopped on a shuttle and were at the lobby bar of the resort drinking tequila shots and beer before sundown.  A week at an all-inclusive on Riviera Maya to celebrate both Val and Steve’s 60th birthdays was going to be the perfect introduction to this new reality of traveling with a baby.

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Hot McDonald’s Breakfast

Skipping ahead a few weeks, we find Hadley on his first Christmas Tree hunt…

Traditionally, the house would be roused to the sound of the first person to wake yelling the call of the lumberjack: “Hot McDonald’s Breakfast!”, followed up shortly by the rest of the crew, and culminating in a crescendo of Egg McMuffins and hash browns at the closest Micky-D’s, on the way up to the mountains.  This year however, we forwent the greasy calorie bombs at McDonald’s, and instead opted for some delicious homemade breakfast burritos care of Rob and Kristin.  Thanks guys!  A few hours later we had five bushy trees chopped down and tied to the roof racks.  The hunt was a success.

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HHR at Home- Part II

… and, more to follow… This is his 2nd bath. His first full moon.  His first birthday party (Grampa Z’s).  His first burger shop.  And his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd outing in the stroller.

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  1. Shea says:

    DAVE has a baby!! Congrats!! This was a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Congrats! He looks perfect and just adorable–and Kacie looks beautiful! Much love sent to you and your adorable family


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